Whenever most of their customers set up Net-Tell LLC phone service for the first thing, they are astounded by the ease of setup, as well as the seamless transition from their old phone service. It really does work exactly as it did before; the only difference between Net-Tell and their old phone service is where the signal goes. Because they use your Internet connection instead of a phone line, it saves everyone money, which is why they can provide service more cheaply. Everything else about each and every phone call is essentially the same. Well, that is, until you get the bill. Net-Tell LLC saves virtually everyone money over their local phone company.

The fact of the matter is, VoIP telephone service, which is just a fancy term for sending phone calls over the Internet, has caused major changes in the way home phone service is handled these days and Net-Tell LLC is at the forefront of this revolution. They are among the leaders in the VoIP arena in part because they offer so much more, including a number of free features that phone companies often charge extra for, They also provide customers with a state-of-the-art voicemail system that makes Net-Tell one of the best values around.