When customers choose Net-Tell LLC to provide them with home phone service, what they receive is a high quality product at a competitive price. For instance, they can make as many domestic calls as they want, with no limit and without long distance charges. Of course, if international calling is needed, they get to do so at the lowest possible rates. In fact, the primary difference customers see when they switch to Net-Tell LLC is all the extras they get, on top of their ability to call anyone just as they always have with the local phone utility.

Besides Caller ID, anonymous call blocking, conference calling and three-way calling, Net-Tell LLC customers also receive a Do Not Disturb mode, which blocks all incoming calls when you want a nap or you need to concentrate on work. There are dozens of other features that are available with every plan, free of charge, and many of those would cost extra with the local phone company, if they were available at all. In fact, all Net-Tell LLC customers receive a state-of-the-art enhanced voicemail system included. The only way they know they’re saving money is when they get the bill. Everything is the same or better than before.