The phone service offered by Net-tell LLC is one that uses the Internet in place of a standard telephone line. Commonly called VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, instead of plugging your standard phone into a standard outlet, you connect it to a broadband router and use it to call your family, friends, or clients. All of this happens with no reduction in call quality.

When using Net-Tell, it works seamlessly, just like service from your local phone company, but it saves most phone customers a lot of money every month, compared to local phone company charges. Net-Tell also features low rates on international calls and they offer a great many free features that phone companies often charge extra for.

With Net-Tell monthly service, customers get unlimited calling with no long distance charge, as well as many features that will make your VOIP calling experience the best ever. We have all the features you need at a low monthly rate designed to fit any budget and save you money.