For a while now, Net-Tell LLC has worked hard to make inroads into the field of low-cost home telephone service through the use of VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, technology. While that seems really high tech and hard to understand, the reality is, it just means the calls are routed online, rather than through very expensive copper wires, like most other phone companies. The customers who use Net-Tell LLC have no idea it’s different at all. They get to use their existing landline phone and broadband router and there is no loss of sound quality at all.

The truth is, Net-Tell LLC saves a lot of money by using the Internet to route calls, and they are quite happy to pass their savings on to customers. Following the easy setup, their customers dial numbers and make calls just as they have for many years, with no discernible difference in call quality. The people they call won’t notice a difference, either, so you don’t have to tell them anything. The only difference comes every month, when you get the very small bill.